Today, in Lviv region, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ruslan Strilets handed over to representatives of Ukrainian environmental institutions the keys to 9 cars donated by the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania for Ukrainian environmentalists.

These cars will be sent to 9 institutions – the nature reserves and natural parks “Elanetsky Step”, “Cheremsky”, “Mezynskyі”, “Buzkyі Gard”, “Khotynskyі”, “Karmelyukove Podillya”, “Ichnyansky”, “Pushcha Radzivila” and “Pyryatynskyі”.

“I am glad that in this difficult time Ukraine has friends. Friends not only on paper or in words. Friends who help Ukrainians to remain unbreakable and continue the fight against barbaric Russian aggression. I am very grateful to my colleague, Minister of Environment of Lithuania Simonas Gentvilas and all international partners for such tremendous support,” Minister Ruslan Strilets said.

Ruslan Strilets informed that over the past few months only from the Republic of Lithuania environmental institutions received 24 cars, video monitoring equipment, computers and other equipment. Another 9 cars, 2 boats and 300 sets of firefighting uniforms are expected. All this equipment will be a powerful support for the Ukrainian institutions of the Nature Protection Fund of Ukraine.

“During these more than 9 months of war, the organizations of the MENR have received a lot of help from our neighbors and good friends. These are not only Lithuania, but also Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Japan, the United States of America, the European Commission, the IAEA and a number of international projects in the field of environmental protection. Someone helps with equipment, someone with machinery, and someone with experience. Ukraine highly appreciates such practical support. Together to Victory!” Ruslan Strilets emphasized.

Also during the visit to Lviv region, Minister Ruslan Strilets got acquainted with the construction of a modern European environmental and educational visit center in the Yavoriv National Nature Park.

Ministrу of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine