The State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine hosted a meeting of the bilateral group under the project “Technical support for the development of forest policy and implementation of the National Forest Inventory”.

German partners expressed their willingness to continue their support to Ukrainian forestry.

The project was launched as part of the German-Ukrainian Agricultural Political Dialogue back in 2017 and consists of two components:

– Support for the implementation of forest policy and the improvement of forestry regulations (monitoring, forest management and reforestation).

– Support for national forest inventories.

We started work on the National Forest Inventory in 2021. Today, there is no complete information about all of Ukraine’s forests. The last forest inventory was conducted back in 2010.

“Last year we inventoried 900 plots. This year only 200. A total of 18 thousand plots need to be inventoried within the project. Funding is now frozen, but the work continues at our own expense,” said Yuriy Bolokhovets, Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine.

According to the plan, the field work should last 5 years, and another 1 year was allocated for the analysis of collected data. However, the war and the lack of financing have made significant adjustments to the implementation of the project.

A roadmap for supporting the national inventory of Ukrainian forests is currently being drawn up with partners in Germany.

State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine