The Ukrderzhlisproject looks like this today.
Ukrderzhlisproject is an important enterprise for the functioning and development of the industry. It provides authorities and forest users with information about the current state of forests, conducts an inventory of forests. Ukrderzhlisproject is critical for making management decisions, including in conditions of martial law. The company is located in Irpin.
Head of the State Agency of Forest Resources Yuriy Bolokhovets: “This is what remains of the Ukrderzhlisproject after the arrival of the “russian” world. The building burned down.  Most of the equipment and materials of the association were destroyed and damaged. But the main thing is not the walls, but our employees. They are alive, which means that Ukrderzhlisproject is alive. Even in such conditions, the company continues to do its job. Thank you!”
But note: the association emblem completely survived.
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