Since the 1st of May, forestries have resumed 100% sales of timber to economic entities engaged in wood processing through electronic auctions at licensed commodity exchanges.

Since the 1st of June, all timber products from state forestry enterprises have been sold through electronic auctions. A total of 158,000 cbm of products have been auctioned, with 67,000 cbm sold. Additional revenue is 9.7 million UAH.

‘’This year, 5.8 mln cbm of untreated timber was put up for auction. As a result, 4.1m cbm, or 70% of the volume, valued at UAH 12 bln, has been purchased by consumers. As a result, we received additional income in the amount of 1.1 billion UAH,” said the Head of the State Forest Resources Agency Yuriy Bolokhovets. Without auctions, timber is sold exclusively to the local population, the social sector and is supplied for the needs of the Armed Forces and the Defence Forces.

Source: State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine