On July 8, 2022 more than 60 forestry specialists, mainly forestry engineers from state forestry enterprises, participated online in a regular professional development course, organized by State Forest Resources Agency.

The Ukrainian Centre for Training, Retraining and Professional Development invited SFI National Project Coordinator, Vitaliy Storozhuk, to give a lecture on “State and Development of Forest Management in Ukraine”. In his presentation Mr. Storozhuk focused on the goals and objectives of the State Forest Management Strategy until 2035, using statistical data on the status of forest management. He drew attention to German experiences in the elaboration of long-term forestry programs, particularly on public participation, and referred to corresponding advisory reports prepared by the forest component of APD project on this topic.

In general, it was noted that the tasks of reforming state forest management, preserving forests, increasing their role in ensuring environmental stability and fostering their social value, remain especially relevant in light of damages of forest resources and economic losses in state forest management caused by the ongoing war with the Russian Federation.