The relevant decision was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting today.

“Now we have more opportunities to restore our forests affected by the Russian invasion. This summer, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Forest Conservation”, which lays the legal basis for the preservation of self-sown forests, meadows and pastures. Today the Government has regulated the Rules of forest reproduction in accordance with this law,” said Minister Ruslan Strilets.

Briefly about the innovations in the rules:

  • Prohibitions on reproduction of forests with invasive tree species have been established. The Ministry of Environment will approve the list of such species in the near future;
  • requirements for forest reproduction apply not only to permanent forest users, but also to owners, tenants and users of land where shelterbelts are located;
  • unified requirements for the cycle of forest reproduction are established;
  • expanded the list of planting material for forest reproduction, which provides for the possibility of using planting material with a closed root system;
  • defined standards that forest seeds and planting material must meet.

New opportunities for public control are also provided. For example, the procedure requires the mandatory publication of summary information on forest crop projects on the official websites of forestry enterprises.