The Ministry of Environment approved the Methodology for determining the damage and losses caused to the forest fund as a result of the armed aggression of the russian federation.

It will be used to determine the damage caused to forestry land, protective plantations of linear type, forest nurseries, forest cultures and hunting grounds.

For example, the amount of losses will include the loss of forest plantations, as well as

    losses from damage to harvested forest products;

    unearned income of forest users;

losses of hunting farms due to the destruction or damage of enclosures, other biotechnical structures, hunting animals, etc.

Damage will also be calculated for the destruction or damage of nests, dens, other animal habitats, beaver dams, etc.

The Ministry of Environment has specified in detail how the calculations will be carried out and according to what procedure.

“This is the fifth methodology developed by the Ministry to determine the damage caused to the Ukrainian environment by the aggressor’s actions. Next in line are two more – on the calculation of damage to subsoil and territories and objects of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine. We want the occupier to pay for its arbitrariness in full. Taking into account the number of crimes that russia commits on our land every day, the russians will have to reimburse their debts to the Ukrainian people for decades,” commented Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ruslan Strilets.

It should be reminded that for 8 months of the war, the damage to the Ukrainian environment from the actions of the russian federation has already exceeded 1.3 trillion hryvnias, or more than 37.3 billion euros.

Since February 24, hostilities have been taking place in forests on the area of almost 3 million hectares. Today, about 450 thousand hectares of forests are under occupation and hostilities. Fires destroyed more than 13 thousand hectares of forests.

The estimated damage caused to forestry enterprises is 19.4 billion hryvnias.

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine