This was said by Victor Smal, Deputy Head of the State Forest Resources Agency for Digitalization, at a meeting with representatives of Intend Geoinformatik and IABG in the city of Kassel.

These companies are recognized as market leaders in Germany in the field of electronic forest mapping and remote sensing data handling.

During the meeting, they discussed:

    Mechanisms for raising funds from the German government and the European Union to finance a new large-scale Ukrainian-German project;

    Creation of a unified state mapping platform to collect and display data collected during forest management, forest inventory and remote sensing;

    Accumulation of the history of all forest management activities for each individual forest area;

    The types of forest inventory data used in Ukraine and Germany;

Possibilities of using the world’ best ARC GIS ESRI system as a software solution for a centralized mapping platform for the Ukrainian forest industry.

State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine