Thanks to the organizer of the support for Ukrainian foresters – the editor-in-chief of forestry magazine Lesnická práce and resource Jan Prihoda and everyone who joined the campaign to raise funds!

We have already received the material and technical aid to be used for the forestry management works and the national forest inventory of Ukraine.

The shipment of humanitarian aid included:

    Laser rangefinders;

    Tablet PCs;

    Measuring forks;

    GPS locators;

    Field-Map forest inventory kit;

    Trunk age measuring equipment;

    Mobile batteries;

    Metal detectors;

    Mobile phones;


    Surveying tape measures.

The work on the national forest inventory of Ukraine is carried out by the PA “Ukrderzhlisproekt”. The enterprise provides the authorities and forest users with information on the present state of forests, forest resources, qualitative and quantitative changes that take place in the forest fund, provides forecasting of these changes, develops measures for forest reproduction, conservation and protection, and conducts forest inventories.

Territorially, Ukrderzhlisproekt is located in Irpin. During military operations, the material and technical base was badly damaged and the institution itself was almost completely destroyed.

Also, part of the tools will be transferred to URIFFM.

This support is invaluable!

State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine