The Federal Government continues to support the sustainable development of forests in Ukraine. In the terrible times of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, forest workers are also doing a great job to preserve the green lungs.

On this occasion, Chargé d’Affaires and Agricultural Attaché of the Embassy of Germany Mr. Bertram von Moltke and Mr. Frank Müller together with the expert of the bilateral cooperation project on sustainable forestry Mr. Volker Sasse visited the planting of trees 🌳🌳 near Kyiv.

This week, during a bilateral meeting on the German project, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture promised to provide additional financial support 🤝 in the amount of 500 thousand euros to overcome the losses in state forest management caused by the war and further implementation of the National Forest Inventory in Ukraine – a task that has become even more important given the terrible damage that the war is causing to Ukrainian forests.

The new forest zone was created as part of the Greening the Planet program in April 2021. Then Ambassador Anka Feldhusen symbolically planted an oak tree:

“You can see that the tree has taken root and is developing well, despite all the horrors of war. It is a symbol of sustainable development and a peaceful future for Ukraine”, – said Mr. von Moltke.

Facebook publication of German Embassy in Kyiv